Property Types

  • 89% Multifamily
  • 6% Mixed Use
  • 6% Other

Property Status

  • 83% Available
  • 17% Pending

Property Cities

  • 33% Dekalb
  • 17% Chicago
  • 11% Berwyn
  • 39% Other

About Citypoint

A New Approach to a Dated Industry. Our out-of-the-box thinking didn’t stop at Deal Sourcing. Tired of the old, archaic way real estate was being bought and sold, we set out to create a new-aged, cutting-edge platform that removes all the fluff and cuts right to the heart of a deal. You won’t receive any 35-page OMs from us, we promise.

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Many of our sellers choose to work with Citypoint due to the discretion provided when listing their property. They prefer not to alert tenants and/or neighbors that the property is being sold.​

They also trust Citypoint in bringing qualified investors that are ready, willing and able to buy properties. This ensures an efficient transaction process for both the buyer and the seller.

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