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Attention Licensed Brokers.

Are you a commissions-only broker who is struggling to make deals happen in this high-interest rate environment? Or maybe you’re a residential broker looking to make the leap to commercial real estate?

We are looking for hungry, licensed brokers to join our high-performance sales team. We pride ourselves on not playing the same game as traditional commercial brokerages. Instead, you can expect:

– Unique in-house deal sourcing strategies. We don’t play the same game as other “traditional” brokerages. We have an in-house data team sourcing potential leads which no other firm has access to.

– Small high-performance team. Unlike other teams, we don’t accept anyone who walks through the door. In fact less than 1% of applicants to our sales team gets accepted.

– Deal Availability. Instead of fighting over specific blocks of a neighborhood with other team members, our small team has the entire Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana to prospect. There is no limit on the number of potential deals to target so you will never be prospecting the same property with another team member.

We empower and reward team members who deliver results. Number of years in the industry, past experience or personal connections play no role in determining responsibility and promotions. Here, if you produce results, you will be rewarded

If you are looking for a cushy 9-5 job, this position is NOT for you.

If you are looking to make money for the least amount of effort, this position is NOT for you.

If you are looking to work from home on a regular basis, this position is NOT for you.

This job MAY be for you if you are:

Self-motivated and hungry for success.

Are a critical thinker, can work independently and have a strong work ethic.

Want to be a successful commercial real estate investor yourself.

Have lofty personal dreams and ambitions.

If this describes you then send us an email with a quick introduction and your resume to

Tasks & Responsibilities

– Call leads

– Screen potential buyers and their ability and willingness to purchase multifamily real estate

– Connect potential buyers with multifamily properties

– Understand and explain deal financials to the client

– Put together a purchase sales agreement

– Coordinate inspections appraisals and more throughout the transaction process

Skills & Experience Required

– Aptitude for sales

– Excellent written and verbal communication in English

– Good arithmetic and analytic skills

– Illinois Real Estate Broker’s license is required

– Past commercial real estate experience is recommended

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