How Our Process Works

We have a system designed to keep the guess work out of real estate investing. Grow your business by streamlining the process.

The System Flowchart STEP 1:


We fund large off market marketing campaigns AND we deploy software/algorithms to help analyze which deals can be acquired at large discounts.

In Depth Sourcing Solutions
We map and identify every parcel in our marketplace. These identified properties get targeted with our marketing campaigns. Once a prospect engages us we run analysis to determine the property’s investment worthiness. If a property “passes” our prelim investigation we then pass it on to you, the investor. 

The System Flowchart STEP 2:


Financing Options
We have strong relationships with lenders that specialize in financing commercial properties. Types of loans available to investors include:

Local Commercial Lender (Lender Keeps and Services Loan in House)

Agency Debt (Government Insured – Fannie, Freddie, HUD)

Renovation Loans

Lines Of Credit

Local Credit Unions

Mezzanine Financing & Bridge Loan Options 

The System Flowchart STEP 2(Cont):

Closing &

We have attorneys that can help you close your transaction. They have closed tens of thousands of investment property transactions.

We work with the big national title companies to ensure your transaction is properly vetted, title is searched & insured, and all seller owed taxes/utilities/liens/municipality charges are paid prior to closing. 

Due to our volume we are able to obtain discounted services from these providers for our clients. 

Other Legal Benefits

Corp Formation (LLC’s, Series LLC’s, C-Corps, S-Corps, Trusts and other entity structures. 

Full Title Searches, Exams and Title Insurance Policies. 

Drafting of Partnership Agreements, OA’s, Bylaws, POA’s, Corp Resolutions, Notes, and more. 

Remote Closings.

The System Flowchart STEP 3:

Construction &

We have reliable and economical construction crews to fix up your investment property if needed. 

Crews are experienced in large and small remodeling jobs. From small bathrooms to large 100,000+ sq ft commercial jobs they can handle all requirements across various asset types. 

Contracting Crews Are:

Fully Licensed

Fully Bonded  & Insured

Set up with material warehouses/suppliers for direct access to bulk materials at volume pricing. 

Contracting Crews Are Highly Experienced In:

Residential / Multifamily Units

Commercial Remodels & Buildouts

Industrial Remodels & Buildouts

Exterior Improvements – Facades and Masonry

Specialty Trades – HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical

The System Flowchart STEP 4:

Leasing &

Full Brokerage Capacity
We will help you lease up or resell your investment property at discounted rates. 

Full MLS/CoStar Listing

Professional Photos / 3D Tours

Aerial Photography & Drone Footage

Custom Tailored Marketing

Tenant Screening – Background and Credit

Banners and Signage

Experience Matters

Citypoint has well over 100 years of Real Estate Experience. We are masters of our craft. When you work with Citypoint you work with a team dedicated to produce results. Each transaction involves multiple team members devoted  to your success. Our clients don’t work with one “agent”.


They work with our TEAM

The System Flowchart STEP 5:

Cash Back &

Let’s Do It Again
Refinance and recoup initial capital.

Time to invest in a new property and repeat the system. 

Roles & Responsibilities

The Investor (You) Plays an Important Role

Our system is used to lighten the load on tasks real estate investors face. However, Investors still have an important role to play in the transaction and in the investing process. We can’t do everything (unfortunately). 

Review our roles and responsibilities guide to familiarize yourself with what those roles are.

Questions for Citypoint?

Learn how Citypoint can scale your real estate business.

Deal Flow – Learn how we source properties.

Management – Direct access to preferred management cos. Competitive rates and unparalleled service.

Value Add – Assistance with Lease Up, Construction, and Accelerated Appreciation.

Financing – Direct access to preferred lenders for Acquisition and Refinance options.

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