Paragraphs 1 – 5
  • You represent that you are the owner for the property and authorize Citypoint, and no other brokerage, to market the property for the designated timeframe at the designated marketing price.
Paragraph 6
  • The transaction may cause Citypoint to represent you and the buyer concurrently. If applicable, Citypoint will provide you with a Dual Agency Acknowledgment for your review and approval.
  • If dual agency applies, you acknowledge that Citypoint is limited in its ability to represent both buyer and seller. Reference Paragraph 6 (lines 77-94) of the Exclusive Listing Agreement to review Citypoint’s limitations.
Paragraphs 7-10
  • Citypoint may represent third parties on separate transactions concurrently with your transaction. You acknowledge and consent to Citypoint’s ability to designate certain brokers to represent these third parties and Citypoint’s obligation to keep the confidentiality of such third parties.
Paragraphs 11-12 and 16
  • You acknowledge and agree Citypoint is entitled to compensation for its representation and marketing of your property for the amount designated in the agreement. This compensation shall be paid to Citypoint at closing of your property.

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